Welcome to Hoards Station

If it seems as though farmers in Eastern Ontario are missing every Tuesday afternoon, it might just be the truth. Starting at noon, Hoards Station Community Livestock Exchange hosts a weekly Livestock auction. Every Tuesday there are a variety of livestock going through the barn including pigs, sheep, goats, dairy cattle, springers and beef cattle. It’s not uncommon to see horses, donkeys, mules and llamas as well.

Hoards Station also hosts the Quinte Cattlemen’s seasonal stocker sales and an annual spring equipment consignment sale. Hoards station draws large crowds for their popular Tuesday Livestock Auction, filling the parking lot to overflowing. There are buyers, sellers, staff, flea market tradesmen, spectators and don’t forget the diner where local church groups host home-cooked meals for the crowd. It’s a large-scale production with many players.

Many modernizations of the popular Sale Barn, including a digital scale, RFID technology and a customized computer system enabling cheques and invoices to be printed onsite immediately after your animals are sold, have made them one of the most efficient Livestock Barns in Ontario.

Hoards Station Sales Barn was built in 1949 and the auction method of price discovery here hasn’t changed much since the first auction was held outside with a snow fence as the ring. Over the years a second and third ring have been added to accommodate various types of livestock. In 1997 the main cattle barn was torn down and a new addition was erected. With more pens and wider allies, the barn can sort and sell larger volumes of cattle with less stress on the cattle and the men.

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Hoards Station is one of the only sale barns in Eastern Ontario that has 3 rings running simultaneously. The DeNure family, a 3rd-generation family of auctioneers, welcomes you to join them every Tuesday afternoon for some good food, good times and most importantly some great auctioneering!